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"Enter your password" - today the overwhelming majority of people encounter these words every day: we have accounts on banking, shopping, social nets, and many other types of web sites. Internet password security in these terms is the matter of the most serious concern.

Three best password manager described below will save your time and nerves by creating strong passwords and safely storing them.

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Version: 4.6
File size: 2.8MB
Release date:
Handy Password manager was successfully updated to the new version. One of the main introduced features is support of the 3rd version of Mozilla Firefox. With this update the audience of Handy Password users becomes much wider and the program becomes one of the most efficient password managers for all types of Internet users.

Roboform is a nice and user-friendly program that will help you in your work with Internet a lot. It provides you comfort in carrying everyday actions of filling web forms, sets you free from keeping in mind lots of data and keeps you personal information safe...